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Are you hot and sweating? Do you feel weakened, tired and depressed in the mood? If you are around fifty, the symptoms indicate a climacterium, which is one of the sensitive periods of a woman.
The trigger becomes the weaking of the production of female sex hormones and in women in postmenopausal-klimakterium-there are several noticeable transformations. They feel drier; the skin, thyroid disorders, the beginnings of osteoporosis, the fall and weakening of hair, may also result in a weakening of sexual life.
What to do to make a woman fit again
But it is not true that every woman will feel all this, the process is very individual, even when the climacterium in a woman erupts. Each of them also balances with subsequent difficulties differently. It is recommended physical exercise, a diet rich in calcium, a stay in the fresh air and much more, not including hormonal refunds and a number of natural medicines and supplements.