Three Reasons Coatings Made From Parylene Are So Common

Delicate electronics and other items sometimes benefit from being coated. Choosing the right type of coating for a product can make its success on the market a lot more likely.

A polymer called parylene often ends up being the best option when certain properties are required in a coating. A quick look at some of the benefits a parylene coating can deliver should make it clear why such treatments have become so common.

A Versatile, High-Performance Coating

From crude, rubber-based dips to sophisticated formulations that leverage the latest advances in chemistry and materials science, coatings range widely with regard to what they have to offer. Coatings that are made mostly of parylene frequently stand out in terms of how many desirable attributes they bring to the table. Some of the reasons such coatings are so often chosen today are that they are often:

  • Thin. Coatings that need to be applied thickly to surfaces often end up being entirely unsuitable. This is particularly true of products like medical devices and electronic modules, where space is almost always at a premium. Parylene can be turned into a coating that performs well without needing to take up much space. That will mean not needing to alter the contours and dimensions of a product much in the course of applying the coating.
  • Even. Some coatings are prone to developing pinholes or clumping up in certain places. Parylene-based coatings can be applied very evenly, which is often especially desirable. Evenness keeps a coating’s characteristics similarly predictable throughout its extent. That will often make it easier to judge whether a coating will serve a particular purpose effectively.
  • Protective. The primary point of most coatings is to protect the surfaces beneath them. As a rugged, non-reactive polymer, parylene provides protection against threats ranging from mechanical abrasion to corrosion. The protection that a coating made from parylene affords will often be its most valuable contribution of all.

The Best Way to Coat Many Products

Although other types of coatings are sometimes more appropriate, those made from parylene are found in more and more products and devices. Using parylene in coatings quite often provides an especially desirable and appropriate complement of benefits.