Lots of ways

There are countless ways to ensure perfect interior lighting even in areas where it's not that easy. For these cases, the different types of roof windows are made. Such spaces are mainly places of irregular shape, with slanted ceilings or walls. The most are the attic spaces of houses with a saddle roof. Their use for housing has grown strongly after the coup in 1989 and the desire of many people for remarkable housing, which has often been cheaper than the construction of a completely new housing in increasingly expensive building sites.
More benefits at once
Even a lot of preds were killed by two birds with one stone. Sometimes even much more. Firstly, the construction of new indoor spaces eliminated frequent problems with the leakage into the coverings of the flat, and the whole house was evaluated by the creation of additional living quarters and thus the budget of the total cost of maintenance to more "partners". For the owners of apartment houses also additional income from rents.