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Various Advantages of a Sten Party

Sten parties are actually a combination of both Stag and Hen parties. Sten or otherwise known as Shen is considered to be an innovative option for some couples, which involves the combination of both the stags and hens in a single activity, accommodation, night-out and dinner. It likewise allows everyone to enjoy having a night together and all likewise will be able to know each other more and this will help them to connect. Though it’s still needed to go out separately for the nightlife, chances of running into the opposite group separately can be fun as well. Below are some benefits that can be obtained from considering a sten party.

Couple will be Together

Though they are apart, the couple in fact wants to at least be out together in order for the two parties to enjoy the night together.

Have a Larger Group

When there’s only a small group for both stag and hen, a sten party would be the best way to create a bigger group while making sure that only the close friends and family members are going.

Get New Connections

It is really a good idea to know the best mates of the stags as well as knowing the friends of the hen, which in fact is the reason why a sten party is the perfect option.

Money Saving Benefit

What’s best about bigger groups is that there’s a good chance that you could save money, especially when all will chip in on the cost. You may go for a group together out on an expensive weekend if you wish to end up getting a big celebration that will surely be memorable.

Time Saving Benefit

Getting two main planners to organize the party is definitely a huge advantage. In this case, you will be able to save time on planning because there’s only going to be one party to handle.

The Matchmaking

The single stags and single hens will be able to mingle in this case. There’s also a good chance that they may end up being the next ones up the aisle.

Spending Time as a Couple

Couples can actually create good memories together before they seal the deal as both husband and wife. In this case, the couple will be able to look back during the time they had fun together.

Enjoying Time Together as a Group

When you have a large group and have the same hobbies and interests, this will be able to work well for everyone. It is in fact because of the reason that various activities can be made as a group, which is for both the stag and hen party.

Another thing that’s best with sten parties is the fact that you can do schedules for your group activities. In fact, this is something that all will surely love.

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