A Different Approach to Children’s Health

Parents want the best for their children, including the best possible medical help if their child is sick. There are many treatment options offered focusing on the mind, body, or spirit. There is such a wide variety of doctors, medical care, recommendations, and treatments, however, that it can be very hard to decide what is best for the child. To add to the list of complications, the option that works best varies from person to person. Integrative or holistic medicine is one such type of treatment that has become more widespread over the last twenty or so years.

What Exactly is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic or integrative medicine is, essentially, the belief that a person is made up of many parts and, if one part stops working properly, the whole of the body suffers. Medical practitioners who follow this approach generally take into account the whole of a person: the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. They believe that if even just one part of a person is not working properly the rest of the person will be negatively affected.

What About More Conventional Approaches?

An Integrative Pediatrician does not disregard more conventional approaches. Interactive pediatricians blend the best of both worlds to create a more comprehensive approach. Instead of choosing a blanket treatment, or choosing to address only one set of symptoms, they tailor treatments for each patient. Their belief is that each patient is a unique person each with different needs.

How Does Integrative Medicine “Blend” Approaches?

Integrative pediatricians believe that the mind, spirit, and body are not disconnected or separate from each other. They believe that sickness is caused by an imbalance on all sides, such as physical, emotional, social, and so on. They believe that healing will take place when everything is returned to balance. To address sickness, they look at school and family dynamics, social life, and emotional and spiritual well-being. They also look at physical health, dietary needs, and the other more conventional approaches to illness.

In Conclusion

Integrative medicine hopes to combine the best of both conventional and unconventional fields of medicine to better address all the needs of the human body, not just the physical symptoms.